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Dopomizhni materialy dlya vchyteliv ukrayinskoyi movy diaspory

Вітаємо/ Welcome to the Uketeacher website

The idea for this website came from a need to find Ukrainian language materials to use in my classroom. Unfortunately, there are not as many audio and video materials available in Ukrainian as there are in other languages. Ukrainian universities and higher educational institutions that enroll foreign students produce limited quantities of text books that don't  address the Ukrainian school aged student learner.

Ukrainian language teachers from both the Eastern and Western diaspora have commented about the lack of available resources for classroom use. Ukrainian day schools (5 day-a-week schools that teach in Ukrainian, but are located outside of Ukraine), as well as Saturday schools also have issues about finding appropriate resources to use in the classroom. Sometimes resources may just be out of stock or out of print.

Aside from compiling this website with links to other websites, I have uploaded some of my own blackline masters. Some websites fall out from time to time, therefore some links may break after they have been posted but I will endeavour to check often. 

Unfortunately, some parts of the website can only be presented in English. Where possible I have added comments or summaries in Ukrainian. This website was established in October 2009.  Last update 5 June 2013.

Roxolana Mishalow, October 2009



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